Project Sylvia

Project Sylvia originally started as Emerging Female Artists. With some external help, we are rebuilding our platform as we have great hopes and dreams for the future.  If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Continue reading below to find out why we are doing this and who is in the team.

Our story

Hi all! 

I would like to take a little space here to answer some questions I frequently receive when interacting with artists. 

The first question I often receive is ‘Who is behind this project?’ In short, my name is Stef and I am a female artist, working mainly with acrylic paints, silkscreen, and lithography, but include a lot of photography in my research. I am from Europe but moved to SEA a couple of years ago. I am choosing not to show my own work since this project is not to promote myself but to show the broad variety of art created by women and to address the position of women in today’s art environment.

Regarding my reasons to start this project, back in Europe, I was frustrated by comments and suggestions made by galleries and museums about women being less interesting to feature and under-emphasised compared to their male counterparts.

Living in Asia has made me more aware of heavy patriarchal structures making it highly challenging forwomen to have the same chances as men. This broader view of the 

restrictions on women’s behaviour was an eye-opener for both direct and indirect discrimination against women around the globe.  

The idea for Project Sylvia came from the frustrations of both myself, my female, and also my male peers when operating within the frameworks of existing  artistic institutions, along with an understanding that fresh approaches are required to open up new avenues for opportunities within the artistic space.

I decided to start Project Sylvia as a space to showcase emerging female talent and have since enjoyed engaging with different minds and learning more about female artists’ backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. I wish to present a platform where women’s art and voices can be represented with their consent, sharing views with with others and expanding the conversation about gender equality in the arts.

Project Sylvia is named after my mother, who is my inspiration and biggest supporter.

With love,


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